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Last night I was running up and down the stairs draping toilet paper over the banister – throwing a roll over the light fixture – making large pools of paper on the floor. Our Elf on the Shelf – Stella Nutella – sat holding an empty cardboard tube with a silly grin on her face. Probably because she knew full well that she was going to take the blame and the punishment too (spending the day in the “Simmer Down Chair!”) I was downright giddy. I’ve had such fun this year scheming and dreaming up little things to make A&E giggle and grin. And tonight was no exception… it was becoming the rule.
The Stig had run to the store for a few things and when he walked in the door and saw the tee-pee job I had just completed, he exclaimed, “Woman… have you lost your mind?”
And all I could think was, “No… I’m just finding it!”
I am laughing and playing more than I have in years. I give God all the glory for the gifts of 2011 – a new home closer to work/school/church – losing 70 pounds – two really healthy happy girls – a husband whose new job has given him a new lease on life – family and friends who continue to laugh and love with us.
I apologize for not being a good blogger for the last few months… but life has been pretty full!
In 2012 here’s to More of You God… and less of me.

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  1. jennymartin116
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    I love your blog posts…and your pictures of Stella!

    Way to go Kari! Keep up the good work!

    Merry Christmas!

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