Finding what we are looking for…

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One of the phrases that comes out of my mouth (with more frequency than I’d like to admit) that my kids can finish before I complete is, “What we practice, we become.” I really believe that what we foster in our heads, mouths, and spirits, we become.

We live in a world that right now seems to be looking to find fault in everyone at every turn — and to be certain, we humans do not disappoint. We are riddled with sin and brokenness and if we choose to sink into a pattern of fault finding — we will find ourselves in a place of disappointment.

I’m choosing to look for LOVE. To play “I spy with my little eye… a heart.” I’m focusing on the ways that God is winking at me, “I’m still in control, dear one. I’m enough even when you don’t feel like I AM. Practice it with your mouth, your mind, and your gut, sweet child. I AM LOVE.”

And I am finding God faithful, in my spying. I’m finding love… with many faces… in lots of places.

So let’s look, friends. Let’s teach our children to search for and study LOVE.

Practice well precious ones.

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