Las Posadas

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Growing up in New Mexico, Las Posadas was a part of my Christmas traditions for as far back as I can remember. Las Posadas or “The Inns” are part of a nine-day journey that follows Joseph and Mary, who upon arriving at Bethlehem were told there was “no room at the inn.” In the community pilgrimage, folks dressed as the holy couple visit a different house every evening for nine nights, only to be told there is no room.

One year in particular, the message stuck to me like a dryer sheet to a warm blanket. Fr. George, our local Catholic priest asked us, “In what area of YOUR life are you telling God, ‘There is no room for you here?”

What a profound question. How I both dread and welcome my own answer. I dread to hear my own heart utter any words that shed light on the dark recesses of my heart. That place where I hold resentments and nurse bitterness. But I also welcome the deep knowing that God seeks me out in THOSE places too. God wants so much to be with me in the easy AND the hard parts of life. I don’t have to tidy up my life or myself to be with God. God will take any room that I offer him; a small corner of where I make snarky remarks in my head AND the wide open spaces of my heart where I try to love the way God loves.

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