Finding My Mind…

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Last night I was running up and down the stairs draping toilet paper over the banister – throwing a roll over the light fixture – making large pools of paper on the floor. Our Elf on the Shelf – Stella … Read More

Tire Swing

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aFor me this started long ago at a bus stop on a sweaty September morning headed to 1st grade. I was not a chubby little girl – but to say I was solid is no understatement. I don’t remember what the … Read More

Sand & the Summer Bucket List

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Proverbs 14:22 says, “… those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness.” Kindergarten is a chapter closed today… but the lessons we learned will be with us always. At the beginning of the year “E” was struggling with … Read More

The BBC, A&E and Me

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Just had one of those funny moments that only happen when you work in a school. A teacher friend came in and asked if I’d check her head for lice. There’s a bumper crop of cases going around and she … Read More

Training Wheels

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When I was about seven, my parents took me to a garage sale. We lived on base (Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico) and I can remember that they were all excited about me getting a bike. Now this idea … Read More

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